Efficiency Nerd. Living in New York City.

Hi! I'm Mike, Product Management Lead at Thrillist Media Group. I get to build an awesome editorial platform while solving interesting problems with a team of talented designers and developers. I'll be posting things here about product development, design and coding.


I gave a talk at the 2016 Atlassian Summit in San Jose, CA about how we build our Product Roadmap with Portfolio and manage our work with Kanban.

Roadmap by Aha!

Promising site about Product Management that Aha! just stood up

Tempo Success Story

Check out this customer success story at Tempo.io about how my team and I are continuously improving on our planning processes at Thrillist Media Group!

Netflix Company Culture

Interesting presentation slides about the values at Netflix

Atlassian Summit 2015

I attended the 2015 Atlassian Summit and here's some stuff that I took away...

Timesheet Git Hook

Timesheets suck. But they don't have to. In this post I walkthrough a git hook that I wrote to log time in JIRA with each git commit using less key strokes than smart commits.

Code Reviews Can Make or Break Your Team

"Saying you don’t like reviews is tantamount to saying I drown kittens in my spare time".

Every Thursday night is Hack Night! Originally hosted at Facebook, the event recently moved to the iHeart Radio Theater. It's a great place to go if you want to build some awesome things in a room full of fellow hackers.


Notice that dropdown on the GitHub screenshot? In this post, I walk through a chrome extension that I built to deploy branches to our staging servers at JackThreads.

Do The Simple Thing First: The Engineering Behind Instagram

Building a product? Learn a lesson from Instagram: Do the simple thing first. A compelling story about how Instagram was able to scale at an extraordinary rate.

I really like this tweet. QA Engineers who have a hacker mindset can do wonders for your product! Read some witty responses in the link below.

The Secret Startup That Saved the Worst Website in America

Interesting article that demonstrates how determination coupled with the proper tools/methodologies can turn around a failing project.

Samuel Hulick gives a humorously annotated walkthrough of Apple Music through the eyes of a user who opens the app for the first time.

A showcase of the best in native content around the web. Brands and publishers can see who is launching the best campaigns all in one place.

Algolia is a search API that makes it easy to plug in to your site and deliver results in miliseconds. Check them out!

A great read about the first major cyberweapon that pioneered the crossover from digital destruction to physical destruction. Zetter provides some interesting insight about the architecture of the code as well as its impact on global diplomacies.